Jackson Hole County is about to be woken up from its long unsympathetic past. Forensic Psychologist, and Investigator, T.K. Donovan returns to help his old partners and town when a new serial killer starts dumping young womens bodies. Fourteen young women have turned up dead in the Sherman forest, near the Sherman Estates, which now involves the old family with its dark and scandals past. Donovan and the Jackson Hole Sheriffs department must follow the clues, which are nearly identical to a case his father worked thirty years ago. But because of old biases and bigotry, as well as backward thinking, it had cost his father his life and could cost him his too.

In the process, Donovan will dig into old family histories, secrets, and long dead skeletons, at the same time inquire into the current dark private sultry side of the community. Will he be able to solve the case before the Sherriff closes it as he did thirty years ago, and save his daughters in the process? It could rock the town, but hopefully not break it, and finally bring it into the twentieth-first century even if it does not want it.



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In the Earth year 2260, Commander Daniel Bowers, a renowned Environmental Planetary Scientist and Archaeologist, leads a team of explorers to a newly discovered Planet, for possible colonization and habitation, due to Overpopulation and Environmental degradation of both Earth and Mars, but now he has awakened an Ancient force and shot forward in time.

Now, in the year 2273, Bowers has landed right in the middle of a coup and conspiracy by the Earth President and his ex-Admiral, and former Commander. Both do not care whom they hurt and wish to use the newly acquired Alien technology, which they found in the Andromeda Galaxy for their own profit and power. This brings Bowers right back into the middle of his ex-Admiral’s newest agenda.

To complete his original mission, to save Earth and Mars, Bowers will need to stop his ex-Admiral, the coup, and the Ancient force he has awoken. First, he must remember who he is, from his memory loss, because of the lost time due to losing the ten years.

Bowers and his new team, with one at first that does not accept him for who is, and believing he is causing the calamities and not the Ancient force or his ex-Admiral. The new team must now work together. As the conspiracy unfolds, will a current Admiral and old family friend learn in time what is going on and help him to stop the Ancient force, the coup, and to complete his original mission to help Earth and Mars?